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Spiteful Tart


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That is my cat, Rylie.
He is a fuzzy jerk.
I adore him.

(ALSO: yes, that is the same wallpaper you see in Lyshitski's house in "Let's Go to Prison")

Brief self-description: high-spirited.

Further Ego Fluffing: I like libraries, things that are purple, tea, museums, cats, being a subversive, whimsical fuckery, cackling like nobody is listening, butting heads with authority, flipping off Noah Webster's ghost (seriously, spelling things incorrectly has to be the silliest form of rebellion EVER), cursing at the sky, SCIENCE!, not being a conservative, and bright colours.

Some Details: Did I mention that I like cats? I like cats.

Fun FACT: I collect witch hats.

The following scenario was once posed to me:

You are the only human left on Earth, against an insurmountable horde of zombies (read: everyone else on the planet). You are going to die, but you won't go down so easily! Choose a weapon, location to make the stand, and background music.
  • Weapon: Louisville Slugger
  • Location: Mackinac Bridge, right along the rail*
  • Song: "Kiss With a Fist" - Florence + the Machine

*Preferably in the front passenger seat of a red convertible driven by Donald Glover, who is magically not a zombie, with Josh Gates screaming in his awesome voice (don't be a hater) in the backseat and ALSO magically not a zombie. After the horde becomes too overwhelming, the boys and I will jump off the side of the bridge in a magical make out fest until we hit the water and die. And that's how you go out in a zombie apocalypse.

a very potter musical, angela carter, animal rights, anthropology, anti music-elitism, artie the strongest man, atheism, autumn, awesome costumes, beekeeping, big band music, blooregard q. kazoo, blueberry cup pies, bright side of life, british history, calvin and hobbes, campfire ghost stories, captain jack harkness, celtic mythology, cemetery exploration, challenging social conceptions, chemistry, chicago, chubby pseudo-emo guys, chunky knitted scarves, colouring books, competitive tag with cats, conveying emotion via eyebrows, crazy shenanigans and/or hijinks, crisp october mornings, cursing at the sky, dark humour, darren criss, detroit, doctor who, doing science to things, dust, environmental sustainability, equal rights, euro dorkiness, facinators, fairy tale analysis, febreezing smokers' faces, firefly (mlp), flappers, folk parody duos, folklore, frequently using "totally", garfunkel and oates, general asshatery, gilda radner, gingahs, gob's chicken dance, grammatical experimentation, halloween, hark a vagrant, high spirits, home movies, human rights, ian mcewan, insulting noah webster, irish history, irish literature, jane austen, jane austen's fight club, josh gates' insane voice, josh gates' snarky commentary, jumping in puddles, lake michigan, light switch raves, lilacs, magical realism, michael ian black, michael showalter, michigan, mocking racism/homophobia/sexism/et.al., museums, natalie portman's gangster rap, native american folklore, neil gaiman, newton nikola the cat, october, old fashioned tea cups, paranormal activity, patrick stump hats, personally applied cinematic scope, pete & pete, pg wodehouse, philip pullman, picturesque moments, post-modernist literature, pretending i'm (generally) european, pretentious introspection, purple, pushing daisies, pushing limits, rabble-rousing, rachel ferguson, rainbow dash, red, red fraggle, reddish purple, revolutionaries, rhetorical composition, roaring 20s, romantic liaisons in libraries, romanticized pirates, rylie rupert the cat, sass, sassy purple librarian glasses, seamus heaney, secret passageways, shark hugging, silly walks, skye the dog, snogging holmes and watson, snow, socialism, stardust, stella, stockings, subversive librarians, surreal humour, tango and steve wagers, tcm, tea, team unicorn, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the decemberists, the last unicorn, the midnight society, the muppets, the proletariat, throwing knickers to tesla, tom servo, troy and abed hijinks, vegetarianism, vernors, vintage, vlad the plymouth acclaim, walter & perry, wanderlust, wendell memorial society, whimsical fuckery, witch hats, zelda belle the cat, zelda sayre fitzgerald, zoobing